Museum of London West Smithfield


Ongoing Project Focus

PAD Contracts is thrilled to be involved in London’s Smithfield General Market conservation and renovation scheme for the relocation of the Museum of London in 2026. The project has been described by lead architects Stanton Williams as “one of the largest and most significant cultural schemes currently underway across Europe”.

The project

The West Smithfield project is an adaptive reuse of heritage buildings; a sustainable way of creating new spaces. The derelict West Smithfield General Market building and the Poultry Market building are being restored to house the new Museum of London. The history and character of the site will be preserved, with the buildings becoming part of the Museum’s collection while providing space for exhibitions, learning activities, retail and events.

The General Market building will hold over 50 shop fronts, and there will be a canopied street owned by the Museum between the two buildings. Once opened in 2026, the Museum of London will be rebranded as The London Museum and is expected to become one of the top ten tourist attractions in the city.

This project is a ‘circular economy’ concept that will reuse and repair over 70% of the existing buildings and their interiors. Materials will be recycled where possible, with a target of 95% of the waste being diverted from landfill.


PAD Contracts architectural metalwork

PAD Contracts has been commissioned to provide various customised and bespoke architectural metalwork elements of this high profile project.

Currently in the design phase, the project will benefit from the expertise and problem-solving creativity of the PAD Contracts team who will design, plan and produce authentic stairways, balustrades and metal wall linings. The architectural metalwork designs will allow these features to be cohesively integrated into the historical site, taking into account the contrast of the red brick and stone of the General Market and the modern concrete, glass and copper elements of the Poultry Market.

PAD Contracts has also designed a bespoke lighting tray for the gallery space, for which a die has been manufactured to create the required shape for the extrusion. This is currently being tested. Once testing is complete, a mock-up will be made for sign-off. As soon as approval is provided, PAD Contracts will produce several hundreds of metres (fast approaching one kilometre) worth of extrusion.

Architectural metalwork for heritage buildings

PAD Contracts has extensive experience in designing and planning architectural metalwork for heritage sites. Given the complexities and sensitivities around working on heritage buildings, the team’s problem-solving skills are invaluable for the progression of the project.

PAD Contracts works with architects, property developers and main contractors to provide full design fabrication and installation services. On site, PAD Contracts collaborate with other contractors to ensure that the team’s bespoke designs integrate seamlessly with other areas of the project and that they are installed on time and within budget.

The PAD Contracts team of engineers creates prototypes to develop custom and bespoke architectural metalwork that retains the authenticity of heritage sites and protects their longevity. This approach is far more sustainable than demolition and new builds.

Project duration

As this prestigious project is still very much in the design phase, there is still much for PAD Contracts to do before completion. Please check back for further updates.

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