Stratford Cross: Showcasing PAD Contracts Expertise in Architectural Metalwork


Project Outline 

Stratford Cross (formerly IQL Stratford), a name destined to become synonymous with cutting-edge design and vibrant experiences, is poised to redefine the East London landscape. This multifaceted complex blends dedicated office spaces with a large range of food, drink, and entertainment options, fostering a dynamic environment for work, leisure, and connection. 

PAD Contracts played a starring role in shaping this building, contributing their expertise in Architectural and structural steelwork. Their contributions went far beyond just erecting steel; they were instrumental in crafting the very functionality and seamless flow of the entire complex.


Due to complete in 2024, The Turing Building will offer 350,000 sq ft of office space over 21 floors. The building will also feature an Everyman cinema, event space and a biodiverse roof terrace.

A key aspect of any building’s functionality is maintaining its intricate service network. PAD Contracts ensured effortless access to these vital components by designing walkways for:

  • The multi-level roof plant area: These walkways provide safe and easy access for maintenance personnel, regardless of the varying square footage at different levels. The inclusion of strategically placed staircases further streamlines navigation within this crucial area.
  • The loading bay AHU bin store platform and mezzanine level AHU platform: By designing dedicated walkways, PAD Contracts facilitated the efficient management and servicing of Air Handling Units, ensuring optimal climate control throughout the Turing building.


Their collaborative approach with the services and structures teams is noteworthy. This meticulous planning minimised on-site discrepancies, maximised the quality of construction, and guaranteed long-term accessibility for future maintenance needs.

Essential Access Points

PAD Contracts understood the importance of strategic access points for large-scale equipment movement. They provided a bespoke robust solution in the loading bay to enable effortless replacement of even the heaviest machinery whenever necessary..

Bicycle Storage

Recognising the growing popularity of cycling as a sustainable mode of transport, PAD Contracts designed a dedicated end-of-trip stair access leading directly to the secure basement cycle storage area. This thoughtful design caters to the needs of a diverse workforce and promotes eco-friendly commuting options.

Secure Lockers

PAD Contracts’ contributions extended beyond just the practical aspects. They provided a variety of secure lockers with built-in power, ensuring the safe storage and charging of e-bikes, folding bikes, and other personal transportation devices. 

Bollards and Door Protection Systems

PAD Contracts ensured the longevity and aesthetics of Stratford Cross by designing access control bollards. These bollards not only regulate traffic flow but also protect the meticulously landscaped areas from accidental damage. Similarly, custom-designed door protection elements were installed to shield high-traffic doors from everyday wear and tear, preserving their pristine condition for years to come.


Architectural Metalwork for a Cohesive Space

PAD Contracts’ commitment to excellence wasn’t limited to large-scale structures. They provided a range of architectural metalwork elements that elevate the overall user experience within Stratford Cross. These included:

  • Ladders: Strategically placed ladders ensure safe and easy access to various areas throughout the complex, promoting efficient maintenance practices.
  • Corner guards and wall protection: These elements safeguard high-traffic corners and walls from scuffs and scratches, maintaining the pristine look and feel of the space.
  • Kee Klamp edge protection: This robust solution provides an additional layer of safety, particularly in areas with a potential fall hazard.
  • Stainless steel floor protection rails and wheel stoppers: These elements not only prevent damage to the flooring but also enhance the overall visual appeal of the space.



PAD Contracts were responsible for the structural integrity of the new cinema seating at the Stratford Cross building. Their role involved the design, fabrication, and installation of a steel framework that would serve as the foundation for the seating. This meticulous process ensured that the cinema would not only provide a comfortable viewing experience but also adhere to stringent safety standards.